Mckayla Fisher

[Mckayla is a dynamic student and athlete at Peabody High School.]

Coming into the program this year it was obvious that there would have to be changes made due to the pandemic, but the coaches and athletes both made it work. Every day we were required to wear a mask to and from the camp and were to bring in a paper confirming that we had no symptoms of the virus. To assure that we would be socially distant when we arrived and on our breaks, we sat at cones that were set up 6 feet away from one another, which definitely was difficult for me because of how much I love to socialize. Also, while using weight balls and bands, we were to wipe them down with sanitary wipes after using them, and were frequently given hand sanitizer.

After doing this program for several years, I knew what to expect when it came to the level of difficulty. Although, something that I have always been needing to improve is my endurance. In addition to Braz Camp, I also focused on running on my own, increasing the distance and speed as days went on. This definitely benefited my pace when it came to long workouts during this program.

Although the workouts are dreadful, my favorite part of these sessions was definitely the competition. Even though there wasn't much racing involved, working with other athletes pushed me farther than I could imagine. My biggest competition is Fernando Braz's 10 year old daughter Ella Braz. I've never seen someone so young yet so talented like her, as she always has me falling behind in a workout cause I can't keep up with her! Seeing her at these practices also has to be one of the highlights of this camp.

As a three sport athlete, I am aware of how important conditioning is, as it prepares you for your upcoming season. Although, without knowing for sure if we will step on the field, I am beyond glad that I took part in the program. Not only did it improve my skills, but every day it increased my hopes that there will be a soccer season this fall. Even if there are no fall sports, I left Braz Camp as an improved athlete with a positive mindset.

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