Abby Walsh

[At the Eastern Mass. Division 2 XC Championship on November 21, Abby was 6th in 18:38. A week later at All States, Abby was 9th in 18:24 in the Division 1 Championship.]

GTD: This was your 3rd summer training in Coach Braz's program. Has the program changed over the years?
Abby: I started coming to Coach Braz's program the summer going into my freshman year and it's always a great way to prepare for my xc season. It keeps me focused all summer and provides structure. This year especially we focused a lot on core and becoming stronger runners. Each year I continue to grow with the program. Coach Braz always brings in new, and fun workouts to do.

GTD: When you're doing the "running" parts of the program, do you ever "visualize" a xc race?
Abby: Yes, having a strong group of girls to run with and pace off of helped me visualize what it would be like in an xc race. During the threshold runs, hill workouts, and pickups, I would visualize the toughest part of the race and running through it calmly.

GTD: The last phase of each training session this past summer was devoted to core work, flexibility, and strength. Tell us about it.
Abby: It was always really tiring to do strength after our long runs or workouts. Although the core and strength were tough, I could definitely see a difference in my races and workouts after. I felt much stronger especially at the end of the races which I had struggled with before. Coach Braz always reminds me how important the little things are and kept me motivated all summer with these exercises.

GTD: When you race, do you have routines that you always do to prepare, leading right up to the start?
Abby: Yes, I like to do the same things leading up to a race. Usually for the morning meets I'll eat a piece of cinnamon raisin toast with peanut butter and bananas. Then I have a few bites of a power bar about an hour before the race. I like to listen to music to keep my mind off the race. After I eat I start warming up and stretching. On the line I do dynamics and strides up until the start of the race.

GTD: What were some of the highlights of your xc season?
Abby: This season started off on a high note with my relay group winning the Clipper relays after coming in second for the past two years. It was also very exciting for us to break the meet record. My Beverly team won every dual meet and defended the NEC title. After a disappointing state meet last year, I was happy to have helped my team place 4th and make it to the All States meet. At All States I ran a new PR and my team placed 5th overall. It was rewarding to have ended this season stronger than the beginning.

GTD: What are your winter/spring plans for running?
Abby: I plan on running the 800-2 mile for this winter and spring.

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