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Welcome to Going the Distance

FernandoGoing the Distance is a coaching program for all runners who want to improve their performance.

For details on the program, please see Sign-Up Steps.

For information on why Going the Distance might be right for you, please see Choosing a Coach.
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Is GTD Right for Me?

Can you run a mile in under 12 minutes?
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Coach Fernando Braz works with athletes whose goal is to win races. And he works with athletes whose goal is to finish a race.

At the onsite sessions, there are over a dozen different pace groups for participants who are training for road races and conditioning.
And there are over a dozen pace groups for those training for a marathon.
Each week Coach Braz put together different workouts to meet the need and pace for all levels of runners in the program.

Would you fit in one of these dozens of groups?

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Fall Program Signup
Marathon Training

Signup is now available for the GTD fall program, which begins the week of August 3 and continues through to early November.
Location for onsite sessions is the same as previous years -- Greater Lawrence Technical School track.
Go to Steps for directions.

The GTD Personal Coaching model (program 2) will be used for all marathon training programs. The Seasonal Coaching model (program 1) will be available for maintenance training and for runners with goals other than a marathon.

Coach Braz explains -

GTD: Why the change?
Coach Braz: A marathon program should be 16-20 weeks of specific discipline training that includes daily adjustments, when applicable, and an updated progressive weekly outline every 7 days. A Seasonal training outline does not provide those specific services and adjustments.

GTD: What kind of adjustments?
Coach Braz: The marathon training journey will encounter unexpected challenges from personal priorities such as work, family, injuries and other obstacles that occur daily and weekly. In addition to training adjustments, consultations on lingering soreness and injuries are very important to the success of the training and peaking. The Personal Coaching model allows me to adjust your training constantly to accommodate your life and keep you on track to your marathon goal. In contrast, the Seasonal model gives you a 15-week outline with no adjustments.

Program 2
If you're looking for a program with a daily outline and unlimited communication with Fernando and program adjustments, you may want to use Program 2. You may sign up for Program 2 at any time. Go to the Program Options page for information about Program 2, or contact us.