Personal Coaching

One-on-One coaching with Coach Braz

One-on-One coaching allows you and Coach Braz to communicate regularly via phone and email to adjust your week-to-week program as needed.

This program is available to all runners, including scholastic athletes in coordination with their scholastic coach.

How It Works

After you send your Profile Form indicating that you want One-on-One Coaching, Coach Braz contacts you to begin the exchange of additional information about your current training and goals. It is extremely important for you to provide all details about your running so that your personal program builds toward your goals.

The exchange between you and Coach Braz will continue as you provide feedback on your workouts, races, and any life events that have an impact on your training.

In order for One-on-One Coaching to be effective, you must tell Coach Braz how you are responding to the workouts. Based on your feedback, your workouts will be adjusted to take advantage of your progress, avoid injury, and peak for performance goals.

What You Receive

  • a weekly outline with specific daily training
  • continual contact with Coach Braz for daily and weekly updates to your program based on race results and changing goals
  • workout and race strategy analysis
  • review and guidance for your cross-training and nutrition needs
  • monitoring of any past and current injuries and techniques for prevention
  • unlimited email and text access with Coach Braz
  • phone access as arranged with Coach Braz

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not training for the Olympics, why would I need personal coaching?
Whether you’re 16 or 66, and at the front or the back of the race pack, you may want to train to the best of your ability. Personal coaching provides the daily and weekly adjustments and feedback from Coach Braz that give you the best chance to succeed.
What if I sign up and need to take time off?
When you are not able to train, we put your program on “hold” and any coaching months you paid for but have not used will be applied when you re-start your training.
Are payments applied from the day I start training?
We apply payments on a calendar month basis. If you begin training on May 10, your first month payment is for the month of May. However, if you begin training on May 25, your first month payment may be applied to June.
How soon will my training begin after I sign up?

There may be a week to 10 days before you and Coach Braz have exchanged enough information to allow him to create your initial coaching plan.

If I'm a scholastic athlete, can I sign up for one-on-one coaching?
Scholastic athletes may train with Coach Braz in the Cross-Country and Speed & Conditioning programs. In some cases, a scholastic athlete also may be eligible to train with Coach Braz in the One-on-One (Personal) Coaching model.
Do you offer refunds?

No, please see question #2 for details

How does the GTD program work with multi-sport events?
Coach Braz coaches athletes who focus on triathlons, duathlons, and running / field events. He works directly with the athlete on the running portion of these events.

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