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Speed & Conditioning Program


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GTD’s 8-week comprehensive program is for collegiate, high school, and middle school student-athletes who are training for the fall cross-country season.

The program includes training guidelines for 56 days. The first 14 days are off-site, and the next 42 days of daily training include 18 onsite sessions.

Your training can be coordinated with your coach’s existing team summer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone miss time in the program and still participate?

Yes. The program has the flexibility and ability to implement conditioning to those who miss onsite sessions. Please tell Coach Braz when you will miss a session so that you receive a conditioning model to stay on track with the program’s progressive discipline.

Will the program continue to offer conditioning during the non-supervised days?

The Comprehensive program provides a weekly conditioning guideline that includes off-site training.
Note — For some athletes, if not many, captain’s practices may be on Tuesday and Thursday. If this is the case, the captain’s practices will take precedence over the GTD workout for those days.

What if it's really hot?

We’re on. Bring plenty of water.

What if it rains?

If there’s lightning, we get off the fields. If it’s only rain, the athletes have a perfect opportuity to train their minds and bodies to compete in the rain (real life). We’re on.

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